Older Projects and interests

Scuba Diving Calculators

I've created a few scuba diving related calculators for educational purposes (so please (double) check any outcomes as mistakes are easily made):


DGD (Dworkin's Game Driver) is a Modern Mud Server for which I wrote a couple of extensions. They are outdated a bit but given time and the availability of a fully patched release of DGD I will update them again:

  • Kfuns:

  • (adds access to some 9x API calls),
  • (adds access to some NT API calls),
  • (adds ANSI output to DGD).

  • Servers:
  • Dgd (the opensource version of Dworkin's Game Driver)
  • Hydra (the commercial successor of Dgd)


Once I programmed a lot in Asymetrix's Toolbook and created some nice libraries like OpenSock, a native wrapper for Winsock that allows Toolbook to emulate Winsock clients but also servers.

Because of the power of Toolbook it's also easy to create applications like web servers serving dynamically created WebPages or VRML models. See the following links:

OpenSock for Toolbook

OpenSock for Toolbook is a openscript that lets Toolbook function as a server (http, (t)ftp qotd ect) while interacting with the content of the ToolBook application.

It has a separate page with the changelog.


Furthermore I played a lot on Kobra-mud. This mud is based on Star Wars and is, due to it's size, attention for detail, humor and other players, great fun to play.

I've also collected some useful Zmud triggers for Kobra mud. See the following links:

  • Zmud (a great windows client),
  • Zmud Triggers (some sample triggers I created a long time ago),
    Best is off-course the runathp macro that monitors your HP and invokes an escape move when it drops below. If still above a command to heal can be invoked (just in case it's needed).
  • Kobra Mud (great fun to play).